Science to Data Science

Europe’s largest data science training programme. Five weeks of intensive, project-based training turning exceptional analytical PhDs and MScs into Data Scientists.


Data science has been hailed as the one of the ‘sexiest careers of the 21st century’ and as an analytical PhD or MSc you have all the skills and motivation you need to excel. Although, it can be hard to get your first data science job if you have never worked in industry before. Science to Data Science (S2DS) makes that transition quick and easy.

Join our five-week programme, work with a company on a commercial data science project and kick-start your data science career!


Science to Data Science is available in London as well as online, via our Virtual programme. Across both full time programmes there are three important elements; theoretical learning, practical learning and professional development.

During the programme, you will work on commercial data science problems with a company from a range of exciting start-ups, SMEs, and charities, to large multi-national companies. We will immerse you into data science from day one; making sure you learn more in a shorter time than you have ever done before – and your work during the programme will have a real impact on live products and services. The network you build will be with you for life, and you will have fun and make friends while accelerating your career!

Theoretical learning

Introductory lectures of key technical and business topics in the field of data science


  • Company led project with a real and valuable commercial outcome
  • Working teams of three or four
  • Supported by experienced technical mentors

Events & Networking

  • Opening Dinner
  • Keynote speaker
  • Panel debates with industry experts and S2DS alumni
  • Client networking events
  • Career event
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Lifelong membership to the exclusive S2DS Alumni group

Eligibility & Requirements

  • PhD in an analytical science
  • Intermediate programming skills in Python, R, Java or similar
  • Documented experience in use of mathematical and statistical methods
  • Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking
  • Strong desire to transition into a data science career
  • Mandatory to attend the full five weeks of the programme onsite
  • Your own ability to enter/stay in the UK
  • Free accommodation in London for the full duration

Theoretical learning

Curated list of resources - including business and technical materials for self-study (circa 40 hours) before the start of the course.


Five weeks of full-time, company-led project work to be completed virtually via video calls, chat tools, and other online work tools. This work is to be completed during UK/EU business hours.

Events & Networking

  • Virtual networking sessions
  • Daily Q&A calls
  • Virtual Panel debates
  • London Day Out (optional)
  • Lifelong membership to the exclusive S2DS Alumni group


  • MSc or higher in an analytical science
  • Intermediate programming skills in Python, R, Java or similar
  • Documented experience in use of mathematical and statistical methods
  • Strong desire to change careers into a Data Science role
  • Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking
  • Mandatory to attend the full five weeks of the programme within the UK/Europe working hours, and to complete the 40 hours of self-study beforehand
  • Constant access to reliable and fast broad-band connection (minimum 10Mbps).

For more information please refer to our FAQs page or alternatively you may contact us directly.

Participants' Journeys

Become a Data Scientist

To apply you need to create a profile on Pivigo and apply via the platform. Applications for the London programme have now closed. Application for our Virtual October programme are open. The deadline to apply to the October virtual programme is 30 June.



Science to Data Science is about bringing the best and brightest talent together to solve problems and have fun. The S2DS alumni network now includes over 400 Fellows, from over 60 nationalities and more than 20 different disciplinary backgrounds. This group of alumni are at various stages of their data science careers in exciting companies worldwide. They form a strong and close-knit network, which will be invaluable to you as you progress in the industry.


Every business can become a project partner with Pivigo on our data science programme Science to Data Science. This is an opportunity for those who have data science capabilities and those interested in getting started. Whether a business is ready with a project or just starting on their data science exploration, Science to Data Science will connect them with the right data science team to commence or progress through their data science journey. Maybe you are looking to hire smart data scientists? Either way, sponsoring Science to Data Science means working with a team of analytical PhDs and MScs on a project, getting to know them and having the opportunity to hire them at the end. Sponsorship is available on many levels, depending on interests and needs. Get in touch to find out more.

Interested in sponsoring or hiring from S2DS?

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